Directions to Domain du Pioch from the Netherlands.


We have worked out several routes to get here, by the motorway or smaller roads.

Here are the directions to the camping. The distance doesn't make much difference for a trip like this. You have to count on 1300 to 1400 km before you reach our doorstep.

By each route you have to take into account that the last leg of the journey (25 km) via either St. Pons or Lacaune go much slower and take about an hour. This is because the roads are very windy and it is not prudent to driver very fast.

"By motorway: this way it is possible to drive it in one day if you have 2 drivers, otherwise it should be discouraged.

"Or, just take 2 days and arrive relaxed.

Breda, Antwerp, Brussels, (Ring) Namur, Luxemburg, Nancy, Dijon, Lyon, Orange, direction Espagne,

Nimes, Montpellier, Beziers (Ouest), St. Pons (here is where the climb begins to the Col de Caberetou), La Salvetat, Fraïsse sur Agoût, Le Pioch.

Motorway: Breda, Antwerp, Lille, Paris, (right past airport direction Paris Est_, direction Lyon, until signs for Bordeaux, then keep on direction Bordeaux until signs for Orleans, then keep on direction Orleans, Vierzon, Bourges, Montluçon, Clermond Ferrand, Lempdes, St. Flour, until the motorway ends, Millau, St. Affrique direction Albi until turn-off Belmont, Belmont, Lacaune, La Salvetat, Fraïsse, 3 km before you see our flags flying on the left hand side of the road! This is the fastest route of all.

"RN 9: Breda, Antwerp, Brussels (ring), Charlerois, Charleville, Mezieres, Chalon, Troyes, Auxerre, Clamecy, Nevers,, Moulins, Riom, to detour Clermond Ferrand you can take the motorway here, Issoire, St Flour, St. Chély, Severac le Cjateau, Millau, St. Affrique, direction Albi until turnoff Belmont, Belmont, Lacaune, La Salvetat, Fraïsse, 3 km before the village arrow to La Pioch.

Prepare well for the journey. This will avoid stress and heighten the anticipation for your vacation. Good luck and we wish you a hearty welcome to our mountain.

Click here for the last leg of the trip.